End-to-end monitoring offers a view from cloud to enterprise

Laura Smith, Features Writer | SearchCIO

Imagine the “situation room”: IT executives are staring at a wall of screens that depict the real-time performance of applications and transactions. Does this sound like science fiction? It isn’t anymore, as a spate of end-to-end monitoring tools makes its way to market.

Announcements this month from such companies as Compuware Corp., Precise Software Solutions Inc. and Microsoft — along with offerings from Correlsense Ltd., Veeam Software Corp. and Quest Software Inc.’s Vizioncore — promise to make visible network performance on private and hybrid clouds, capabilities that have been sorely missing, analysts say.

These end-to-end monitoring tools will reduce the amount of time it takes IT staff to locate and fix problems, freeing them from troubleshooting mode and enabling them to focus on adding value to the business.

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