Good Morning Team,

It’s time to get moving!

With the Holidays just around the corner it’s time to turn up the heat and move your feet!

Two Roads will be participating in the Couch-to-5k held every Saturday at Joe’s Crab Shack in Long Beach at 8am, until Nov 4th.

If interested details are listed below:

Cost: $25 for the training OR $45 for the training + 5k race (saves $10 when combined)

Couch-to-5k participants will receive membership in AREC (Jan-Dec) including: a club shirt, monthly newsletter, social events, year–round running opportunities, plus the 11-week 5k training schedule, instruction from an RRCA certified coach and a discounted entry to the Run Like it’s Recess 5k.

For more info: contact coach Alan Sheppard at [email protected] or 562-225-6958, email [email protected], or you can email me directly :).



See you there!!

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