Why Attracting & Keeping Millennial Employees Is Important to the Technical Industry


Tech companies have always had a need for young blood. After all, technology moves very quickly; younger employees tend to be well-versed on new technologies and new standards. Nevertheless, many companies have found it difficult to both attract and keep millennial employees.  Here’s the scoop. Millennials Aren’t That Young Anymore Why do you need to… Read more »

Job Market Trends for Technical Industries


Technical jobs are always in demand. But which positions are growing the fastest? Which positions have been recently developed — and which may be in flux? If you’re currently thinking about going into the tech industry, you may want to be aware of these changes that are taking shape. Cloud Computing and Cognitive Computing on… Read more »

How to Keep A Positive Attitude When Job Hunting


It can be hard to maintain a positive attitude when job hunting, especially if you’re in an extremely competitive market. In competitive markets, there can be hundreds of applications for every job. Even if you’re well-qualified, you’ll be facing a lot of rejection. How can you cope?  The Importance of a Positive Attitude Job hunting… Read more »

PLMWorld 2018


2R Welcomes you to Siemens PLM Connection 2018   Based in Surf City, USA (Huntington Beach, CA), 2R has been a proud partner of Siemens PLM for the past 20 years.  We utilize our extensive technical recruiting experience and talent networks to support projects for commercial and defense clients in North America.   Our services provide… Read more »

Queen Mary 5K


RACE DAY VIDEO!! Our team is always trying to find a good work + life balance, so we decided to embark on a 5k running program.   In mid February started a “couch to 5k” program with a blank slate.   The idea was for us to post our run/walks with post-its on the board and… Read more »

2018 Job Market Statistics For The Tech Industry


tech job market statistics

Looking for a tech job? It’s a great time. The tech industry is undoubtedly growing, but there are some specific directions that it’s taking. If you’re interested in getting a position within the tech field, these are the stats that you want to follow. Software development is one of the occupations with the highest job… Read more »

Team Building Fun in Winter Sun!


Our team got some downtime during the holidays and right back to it in January.   We are very thankful to our business partners across the country for pushing us to a record breaking fourth quarter of 2017.    We have huge goals and challenges ahead this year and got the team together for some our annual… Read more »

Small Realistic Changes Create Good Habits


plan to create good habits

New Year’s Resolutions are always eagerly picked up in January and abandoned by the time February comes around. It isn’t that you don’t want to make a positive change — it’s that New Year’s Resolutions tend to be so momentous and overwhelming that they simply aren’t achievable. It isn’t that you can’t meet those goals;… Read more »

Protecting Your Health During the Holidays


holiday health

The holidays are upon us, and the most stressful time of the year for professionals is in full swing. Not only are we pulled in all directions by the competing demands of family, friends and business, but our health tends to suffer because of exhaustion and generally poor self-care. Remember these two guidelines to make… Read more »