Don’t Wait for the Perfect Job to Fall in Your Lap – Go Out & Get the Job of Your Dreams


Don’t spend year after year in a job that you hate, waiting for the perfect job to come around. Finding the job of your dreams takes time and effort, but it’s a rewarding process in the end. The Perfect Job Doesn’t Come Out of Nowhere On average, it takes about six weeks of consistent looking… Read more »

GenZ Is Entering the Job Market Looking for Tech Jobs – Is Your Company Ready?


You may have just gotten used to the millennial generation, but it’s already time to start preparing for GenZ. GenZ is an entirely unique generation, with different goals and culture. GenZ is also dominantly going into tech and tech-related industries, which leads to a lot of opportunities to get exciting new talent. GenZ is Moving Towards… Read more »

How Aligning Your Company to a Cause Benefits You & Your Staff


Is there a charity or mission that you truly believe in? Consider making it a part of your company culture. Aligning a company with a cause isn’t just a great way to make the world a better place — it can also benefit you and your staff in countless ways. Court the Best Employees Employees… Read more »

How to Stay Organized When Job Hunting


On average, a job seeker has to apply for 27 jobs to get a single interview. How do you keep all of your information straight? You don’t want to apply for a single job multiple times, and you don’t want to mix up your interviews. Here are some tips for staying organized. Build a Spreadsheet… Read more »

SV Appreciation


Recently, my brother Steven left 2Roads after 18 years to create his own staffing firm   As a business owner, I instinctively thought of myself and company.  Would we lose business?  Would we be competing against him and his new firm?   Should I rally our troops for battle?   As our most productive team member in… Read more »

Top 5 Answers to Common Job Searching Questions


common job searching questions

Whether you’re new to job searching or just haven’t job searched in a while, you may be feeling a bit adrift. Job searching can be a complicated process — and it often doesn’t give you a lot of feedback to work with. To help, here are some answers to the most common questions. 1. How… Read more »

Small Realistic Changes Create Good Habits


plan to create good habits

New Year’s Resolutions are always eagerly picked up in January and abandoned by the time February comes around. It isn’t that you don’t want to make a positive change — it’s that New Year’s Resolutions tend to be so momentous and overwhelming that they simply aren’t achievable. It isn’t that you can’t meet those goals;… Read more »

4 Tips For Feeling More Engaged At Work


It’s easy to complain about work. It may be too tedious or too stressful, you may work with challenging people, or you may not get the recognition you deserve. Finding a way to engage with the tasks and responsibilities of your job will help you enjoy yourself more at work–and make your performance perk up… Read more »

Hunting the Unicorn of Work-Life Balance


work-life balance

As professional demands compete with the legitimate need for relationships, activities and rest outside of working hours, work-life balance seems impossible.  You want to perform at your professional best, but you see how stress is limiting your productivity and putting a strain on your personal life.  How can you manage to excel in your professional… Read more »